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  • A new adventure

    Posted on March 29th, 2009 dstipes No comments

    Blogging is a new adventure for me. With many urgings by my friends and the universe, I can no longer sit on my tush and talk about writing again. Now I have to produce something on a regular basis. Several categories of articles are drawing my interest. Maybe some of you will respond to them as well … or you may give me some suggestions.

    Some considerations; film and effects history, my experiences with Cascade Pictures and CPC Associates, Universal Hartland and, of course, David Stipes Productions.

    Star Trek stories and behind the scenes on some of my favorite shots will be covered.

    Since I am now more involved in education, I may visit that topic as well.

    I hope former colleagues will contribute their information and recollections to these topics. It would be nice to document our history and techniques before they are lost. Since I have been teaching, I have seen how much information is slipping away. Many of my students rely on their computer as their only tool to solve visual problems.  I want to remind my students of the old tried & true techniques, and maybe keep them alive a while longer.

    So, it seems I have several topics to write about. I hope you will return, read along and add to the commentary and conversation.



    4 responses to “A new adventure”

    1. I am so proud of you! This is such a great start to your blog. I hope you get many more comments from those who wish you well…and yes, the new adventure has begun! 🙂

    2. About time, David I am still waiting on your book you know. But at least I will have the blog to placate me for now.

      Call me I still want to get together soon and hang out.

    3. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for commenting!

      Actually this blogging effort is in part to gather some of my thoughts for a book. I figure if I let my friends know I am writing again, I will actually have to do it!


    4. Hey Cookster,

      Thank you for your kind words and your support on this venture.

      Hi Ho, Hi Ho, a blogging I will go!

      (Mainly because of help from friends like you!)


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